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An Intro to Black Colleges & Universities

Black colleges
For Your Consciousness Ministries

For Your Consciousness Ministries was organized in April, 1985 in the home of Falicia Campbell and Jasper Turner in her living room.  It was a worshipping community in the Englewood and New City Communities.  After 3 years of just having service, Bible study and prayer we realized that the area needed extra services so we opened a women’s shelter in the sanctuary and a women and children’s shelter next door in our apartment building.  It was here where we again realized that even more services were needed in the community so we opened a food pantry, soup kitchen, an after school program and a summer camp.  This was still not enough so we offered NA (Narcotics Anonymous) and AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) meetings, a teen mom’s program, a senior program and a HIV AIDS program for our community.


We have been in the community for 35 years off and on, steadily helping the community.  We partnered with LAN 79, the Chicago Food Depository, the AIDS Foundation, Dopartment of Human Servics, the Englewood Pastors, PUFFS, Southside Ministries and other partners.  The work continues as evidenced by:

  • over 100 students having graduated from high school to college

  • more than 100 homeless women and children success in education, jobs, and health

  • a friendly working relationship with our Hispanic sisters and brothers

  • our seniors now mentoring our youth

and the list goes on.  Today, we are still on the wall as we have partnered with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.  Love, Faith and Hope Church is the home of For Your Consciousness.  

Currently, we have a weekly 12:00 am Broadcast on Gospel  The program is called “Higher Consciousness” and has blessed many people. 

Thank you God for all You have done for us!


God Bless Your Consciousness

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Pictured left:  Pastor Campbell and summer camp volunteers.  There  are numerous volunteer opportunities.  The need is great.  Click below to inquire.

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