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Love, Faith and Hope Lutheran Church was founded in April, 1996 in the home of founder, Rev. Dr. Falicia Campbell in Chicago, Illinois.  There were approximately 3 people attending at that time where services were held in the basement of Dr. Campbell’s home at 81st and Chappel.  We grew by way of word of mouth and the weekly radio broadcast heard on WBGX.   At that time, Pastor Campbell was on air at WHN radio daily with a musical program from 7am-2pm.   A Daily Word gave title to For Your Consciousness Ministries, which later became the outreach of Love, Faith and Hope Church.


The vision for Love, Faith and Hope Lutheran Church is to expand the outreach of the church, For Your Consciousness Ministries, including the Food Pantry, Sumer Camp, After School Program, Doctor on Site, and Sign up for Insurance programs.  Doing so will help us reach our goal of 150-200 members.  Increasing our social media presence, including a new website, Facebook page will help us reach the above goals.  We believe that through prayer, fasting and work, God will do all that we ask and more.  

Image by John-Mark Smith
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